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QT Creator 3.0.1 - Problem setting up for C++ makefile projects

  • Hi,

    I recently needed to switch from my Debian einvironment (running QTC 2.5) to a new Mint environment. In the old env. I developed C++ projects for Raspberry Pis, using makefile projects in QTC (I used not-QT qmake projects for that). I am struggling to get this to work in the new env. I have the following problems:

    • When I try as non-QT C++ qmake problem, I get the "no valid kits found." error. I have a manually set up kit for 30bit GCC - why is that not accepted?
    • I also tried to use a QT console project as a workaround, but no QT libraries seem installed. I am pretty sure I have QT5 on this Mint box. What do I need to do for QTC to find this?

    Thanks for your help,


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