QScriptEngine and QMetaObject

  • I am working based on the documentation of QScriptEngine with QMetaObject.
    I made my own class, inherited from QObject. It seems to work, but I have some problems.

    @ QScriptValue mySpecialQObjectConstructor(QScriptContext *context,
    QScriptEngine *engine)
    QObject *parent = context->argument(0).toQObject();
    QObject *object = new QObject(parent);
    return engine->newQObject(object, QScriptEngine::ScriptOwnership);


    QScriptValue ctor = engine.newFunction(mySpecialQObjectConstructor);
    QScriptValue metaObject = engine.newQMetaObject(&QObject::staticMetaObject, ctor);
    engine.globalObject().setProperty("QObject", metaObject);

    QScriptValue result = engine.evaluate("new QObject()");@

    Firstly, I can call the slots, but not the normal functions, from the script side. Why is that?
    If I give return value to my slots it seems to work, Is it a good practice?


    Looking at the last post, he uses signals and slots:


    What can be at the place of y.mySlot? Surely I can use an another registered QMetaObject. But can I use registered standalone functions? Or script side functions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    No it's not, don't give a return value to a slot.

    However, you can use Q_INVOKABLE for your purpose.

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