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Make QToolBox items take more space in QScrollArea

  • Hi everyone !
    This is my first question here so tell me if I'm doing anything wrong.

    Okay so my program is basically a set of scripts I'd like to edit/create with a nice GUI written in C++ with... Qt !
    A script is an ensemble of steps such as "sql query" "send mail", and so on and so forth...

    It looks like this :
    ! use)!

    Okay, everything is fine, but when I add a lot of steps (which I will CERTAINLY do later), it looks like this :
    ! much steps makes it impossible to read)!

    The whole QToolBox is inside a QScrollArea (tried to show it in screenshot).

    What do I have to do in order to specify to a QToolBox item its minimum height depending on the size of the widget inside ?
    Thanks a lot !

    EDIT : Don't pay attention to the item's content on my screenshot they are all the same for the moment.

    EDIT: I just tried with the strategy found "here": (setting parent and grand parent a minimum height) but it's not working the way I want : my item's widget is indeed bigger, but I still have the same result as my second picture when I have a lot of items.

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