Help - Change size of QAudioBuffer - Problems with QAudioProbe

  • I'm doing a project for audio processing in real time. I used the library QAudioProbe QAudioRecorder and to process the data. Everything works properly.

    The problem is that the data buffer stores only 40ms. I want to extend it to 250ms. I use Fs = 8000Hz, the buffer.frameCount () = 320 ---> 40ms. How I can change the buffer size?

    I think I should change this line of code in question.

    connect (probe, SIGNAL (audioBufferProbed (QAudioBuffer)), this, SLOT (Processed (QAudioBuffer)));
         probe-> setSource (Audiorecorder);
         audioRecorder.record ();

    I consulted the internet information. I can build a buffer size as desired:
    QAudioBuffer (int numFrames, QAudioFormat const & format, qint64 startTime = -1)

    How do I set the buffer to the function of QAudioProbe, audioBufferProbed?

    Thank you very much.

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