QT Mouse Event outside Window/Widget

  • Hi,
    Im trying to make my mouse click in some screen coordinates when my program receives a trigger for do it.

    Ive made it in C++ before, now Im trying to make it in Qt, heres a small example of what i mean.

    C++ code

    @if (bin_trigger == 1)
    SetCursorPos(screenXpos, screenYpos);
    ZeroMemory(Input, sizeof(INPUT)* 2);
    Input[0].type = INPUT_MOUSE;
    Input[0].mi.dwFlags = MOUSEEVENTF_LEFTDOWN;
    Input[1].type = INPUT_MOUSE;
    Input[1].mi.dwFlags = MOUSEEVENTF_LEFTUP;
    SendInput(2, Input, sizeof(INPUT));

    I would be happy to get some tips or some pseudo-code from someone who have made somthing similar.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi.
    No..There is no equivalent API.
    but .. You can use the above code in Qt .

    Qt does not provide such events that can be post outside the QWidget.

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