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Customize title bar (without FramelessWindowHint). How?

  • Greetings dear community,

    I'm at the very beginning of my QT path. I'm searching a solution to my question for several days but without success. All I could find is to hide native title bar and draw custom buttons on top of that. I don't like this solution because this doesn't look native. For example, if that way I press minimize button qt window immediately becomes minimized while "true" window (on windows) minimized smoothly. Another example - it I grab native window and shake it I'll get behavior that hard to reproduce.

    So my question - how to achieve. I see probably two solutions - send a signal to native window. But I don't know which signal, how to send. That's why I'm asking. The second solution - use native window drawing. Is it possible at all? How?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Can you also explain your use case ? You want to draw a custom title bar but you also state that it doesn't look native so it's a bit confusing.

  • Hi!

    Sorry for unclear question. I just want to change the look of the title bar - color, min/max/close buttons etc but retain full "native" functionality. I already tried solutions with frameless window and custom title bar. It works, but not good - I described a differences in behavior comparing with native.

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    What OS are you using ? And what version of Qt ?

  • Qt 5.3. Ideally it should be crossplatform, but for now I'm using Win7. I googled a lot and it seems that I need dive deep into windows programming.

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    Be aware that you're wandering on dangerous grounds, e.g. OS X users won't generally like that you modify the title bar.

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