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QSqlTableModel + QStyledItemDelegate already implemented , Now I need to add mouse Event (Right Click). Help Required

  • Hi.
    I have already implemented a QStyledItemDelgate to show images in my QTableview. The styleditem delegate display images and also provide a mechanism for text entry (QLineEdit, QDateEdit and QComboBox)

    Now I need to implement a mechanism to detect a right click in my QTableView, so that I can display a drop down menu. This is where i am running into problems.

    I tried the following approach.

    Approach 1

    Sub classed a QTableView and added QMouse event and was able to detect the left click and right click. But when i double click I am unable to get the delegate action to work.

    Approach 2 :
    I came across that in QStyledItem Delegate we can use bool editorEvent(); but the clicks on a particular column are not detecting.

    Please suggest which approach is best, and how to implement them.


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    You might be interested by "contextMenuEvent": and related classes

    Hope it helps

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