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Can I install Qt WebKit for iOS somehow?

  • I realize that app made with it won't be accepted to Apple App Store, I just want to prototype with the web content in a page. I tried Qt WebKit, but unfortunately it exposes pretty much nothing so I can't for example disable top-bottom of page bouncing, nor can I supply HTML using just a string.

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    No you can't, one of Apple's App Store rule is that you can't use another version of webkit that the one provided by Apple.

    Did you mean you tried "QtWebView": ?

    If it doesn't expose enough you'll have to write some native code

  • I am just playing with the UI prototyping, so don't care that much about App Store rules - going to try things locally only.

    Yes, I have tried QtWebView and accessing it's native internals could be good enough for me, finding an easy way for it is, however, somewhat beyond me. Advices are very welcome.

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    Even if you do, there's no sense trying to port QtWebKit on a platform where you won't be able to use it.

    You can re-use the iOS version in your code and modify it to suite your needs

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