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Qt and a script interface. What language should I use?

  • I am still a ways off before I will begin this step but I like to plan ahead. So I thought I would start asking the essential questions now.

    In my project I will have a big need for using scripts. The purpose of these scripts will be to create a simple and direct way for a user or a module developer to directly control graphics engine objects as well as certain Qt GUI elements. In particular, the scripts will be used to disable and enable parts of the Qt GUI (Widgets) when needed. For a long time I planned on using LUA but I don't know how practical it would be to implement LUA in a Qt environment. I also know that QML exists but I am unfamiliar with its capabilities. Whatever scripting language/engine I use, here are the criteria it would need to meet.

    A relatively simple set of keywords and syntax which is easily learned by others.

    An ability to interact with Qt widgets (mainly to disable, enable, or make them hidden)

    An ability to extend the set of usable commands/built in functions within the scripting language. It would be even more beneficial if this could be done dynamically (on the fly).

    An ability to call C++ functions from the script using the functions in #3.

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