Two or more model on the same modelview

  • Let’s say I have a table for customer and other one for address and the address table has some fields like ‘zip_code’, ‘city’,‘state’ and so on and the customer table has a field called 'addresd_id' which is a foreign key for the table address (the id field). What should I do if I want to show a TableView with the complete information about customers (including the all address table fields)? The QSqlRelationalTableModel just allow me to link a foreign key to ONE field on other table but in fact I want to link one foreign key to the complete row in other table and show all fields of that table. Does someone have a solution?

  • Unless you need editing QSqlQueryModel. If you need editing you will have to sub-class it as the relational model does not suit your needs.

  • Just an idee: If case you can extend the database, create a view in the database from both address table and customer table. And than use this view in the model.

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