Enginio Webhook Creation

  • I was wondering is there was a way to create webhooks programmatically.
    I'm trying to make an app where multiple users can edit their own objects and get updates through webhook from their own object on enginio. So they will not get notification from other user updating their objects. Updates are sent to MWS and then sent the user who's object it is.
    The only way I'm thinking to deal with this is to have multiple webhooks, so when the user creates a new object a webhook will be created to connect MWS to that object.

    I haven't seen any documentation on how to create webhooks, or edit webhook through QT/C++. Can anyone help me out?

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    Enginio webhooks are not designed that way.

    Maybe you have protected Enginio objects using access control lists so that each object is readable only by creator? If so then MWS can be configured to follow Enginio access control rules:

    In MWS instance panel "Configure" tab:

    • set "Access Control Management" to "Enginio"
    • fill-in your Enginio backend id
    • allow all Enginio users to connect:

    "read": ["*"]

    After this client application must request MWS websocket url using Enginio OAuth access token. This way MWS knows which user is connecting and can filter messages based on Enginio access control rules.

    If this is not possible/flexible enough I would suggest that you write small server-side program to MAR (Node.js might be a good candidate for this) and point Enginio webhooks to you MAR app. MAR application can then decide and relay messages to correct clients by posting message to MWS.

  • Thanks very much, your first suggestion sounds like the solution I was looking for.

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