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Win32 project vs to qt

  • Hi I started studying c++ this year and from visual studio i was doing the win32 projects. In win32 projects you can program
    window procedures
    message loop
    I'm focusing on game driven software and was looking to switching completely to qt, but i find the transition confusing from what I've learned from school(they only use vs). I haven't really seen anything in forums about handling windows messages and custom message loops to handle graphics intensive games. I also having a hard time grasping how I would make the qt resource files work with what I've learn from vs. I've found a few post but either it goes over my head or its not completely the right topic any help would be appreciated If i could make qt work for me I think i would love it otherwise I will need to save up for VS.

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    I encourage you to take your time and learn step by step, best by doing some small, custom projects. It will allow you to get to grips with how everything works here.

    WinAPI, which I think you were learning, is old, mightily inconvenient and counter-intuitive to use. I do recommend learning something else (does not need to be Qt) to appreciate the good things about being a programmer, not only the dark side ;-)

    On the other hand, Qt is designed with GUI applications in mind, not games. So not everything will be rosy here from a game dev perspective.

    In a way, you can translate your knowledge to Qt by just substituting some words: think "event loop" instead of "message loop". Think "signals and slots" instead of "messages". That should make it a bit easier. Reading a book on Qt is also a very good idea, it might help a lot, especially in the beginning.

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