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Qt animations - particle system

  • Hello, I want to create an animation - particles... "Here": is particle system which was probably made with Qt Quick... Since I have no experience with Qt Quick I'd rather not use it unless it can be combined with normal Qt C++

    How can I do it if it is possible at all? If not, do you know any other not so complicated way (OpenGL, DirectX) of doing simple animation with particle system and by any chance with Qt as base (similar to OpenGL, which can be used inside of Qt app)...

    I believe there is no way to do something like this with Qt -> "500 000 Particles": - "Particle System in Java": - "Particle System in C++":

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    The particle system is done for QtQuick (using OpenGL, of course). It's pretty well documented and easy to use. It is not available in C++ part of Qt. In C++, you could try doing something similar using Qt Graphics View Framework and Qt Property Animations, but you would need to do everything by hand.

    Regarding 500k particles: there sure is a way to do it in Qt. But it would take a long time to make, and a lot of time to render (see the video description: it took 25 hours to render that scene with 6 core CPU!). I know nVidia has some helpful SDKs for fluid animations.

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