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Deployment failed. The settings in the Organizer...any one else having this?

  • I am deploying to ios and about every time I attempt to send off to the device I get this error:

    @error: Deployment failed. The settings in the Organizer window of Xcode might be incorrect.@

    I've seen other posts about this in the forum. And some have said this bug was fixed. Nope.

    The only solution that fixes it is to unplug and replug in the device. Then I might get one or two compiles before it comes back. I'm compiling on a iPad Air 2. It has Ios 8.02 on it.

    I can go into xcode and run in a pinch. But its getting pretty annoying.

  • The problem was fixed with Qt 5.3.x and Xcode 5.x ... but just after I updated to Xcode 6.x then the bug came back again.
    I know that's pretty annoying to switch to Xcode for running/debugging the app ... but after a while you get used to do it :-P

  • Thats hilarious. Oh well. Maybe Qt 5.4 will make all our problems go away;)

  • Ok, let's cross the fingers together :-)

  • Hi, I had this problem, and the issue seemed to be with my setup that I had an app installed already on the device with the same bundle identifier, however, this app was installed by another Xcode project altogether, which I think causes the error. In this case also, if I try to deploy it to the device from the Xcode project itself, I get the error message: "App Installation Failed -- Could not change executable permissions on the application", which points to the root of the issue, which is perhaps Xcode not being allowed to override an existing app, or something like this.

    The issue was removed by uninstalling the existing app from the device. Further deployments from the same project were issue free.


  • Thank you Archie. Your post helped me fix my problem. I was switching between the work computer and home computer and that caused the situation you mentioned.

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