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QRawFont not recognised in qt4.8.5 cross-compiled for arm.

  • I have a program where I am using the QRawFont to get outlines of a TTF Font Character and display on screen using QPainterPaths.
    The program works perfectly OK when I compile using 4.8.1 on Windows OS, Ubuntu OS, Android OS. However, I am now trying to compile the program using qt4.8.5 cross-compiled for arm processor to be run on embedded linux where I get an error "error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'QRawFont' with no type".

    The header has #include <QRawFont> and a private variable QRawFont *mfont; This error is seen on the variable declaration.
    Moreover, when I try to type QRawFont, usually, it automatically shows the type for auto-completion. Even that is not seen. Instead, the auto-complete just shows QRAWFONT_H.

    I tried searching for this problem on google but could not find a suitable thread even stating the problem hence decided to post a new topic.

    Anyone with a solution? Thanks for reading this post.

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    Are you sure your build is complete ?

  • Thanks for your reply.

    If I comment the part of my program which uses the QRawFont, the program is built completely and I can run the program on the device.

    And the program as a whole runs successfully on all other OS's. I see this problem especially when cross-compiling for embedded linux on ARM processor.

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    From a quick look at the documentation it's possible that the class is not available for Qt for Embedded Linux

  • OH!! Thanks for this information, never guessed that the class might not be available itself.

    Thanks for this information.

  • I am at present using the pathForGlyph function of the QRawFont to get the glyph outlines.
    Could there be any other way to get the glyph outlines of a ttf font character avoiding QRawFont.

  • I have been trying to study the QRawFont... it is quite evident that the QRawFont uses the QAbstractFontEngine to get the glyph data using addGlyphOutlinesToPath. I tried a variety of ways to use this function but somehow i am unable to proceed ahead. The QFixedPoint that is required by the function is also not available in Qt Embedded.

    ANy way to use this...

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    Out of curiosity, why doesn't QFont fit the job ?

  • I dont know any method of getting the Glyph outline data using QFont and get it in form of a path. If you know one, it would be great if you could share it with me. Thanks.

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    Maybe through QAbstractFontEngine

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