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Makefile unintentional line wrap

  • qmake generates these lines in Makefile:
    @DESTDIR = ....\lib
    TARGET =

    But it leads to that $(DESTDIR) actually equal to "....\lib
    TARGET ="
    and $(TARGET) is null.

    How handle this problem?

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    How do you define DESTDIR in your .pro file?

  • I dont know. I just wanna cross-compile Qt 4.7.3 libs as it is on windows to arm linux with code sourcery arm-none-linux-gnueabi compiller.

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    I do not understand your answer, please rephrase.

    Cross compilation is a complicated business. Looks like Windows file paths are getting in your way. Since you want to compile to Linux ARM code, best use a Linux PC for cross-compilation.

    I also recommend using the newest Qt version available. Qt 4.7.3 is very old.

  • These .pro files are provided by Qt. I just add to mkspec file "QMAKE_DIR_SEP = \", because there was error.

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