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[Solved] Desprately need help with QT for symbian

  • Hi Everyone
    This is my first post here
    I have been trying for months to setup QT for symbian but cant find where to start. I am totally new to QT so have very poor knowledge of it. so thats why i really need some help.

    I am using Windows 7. and i want to develop apps for Symbian Anna/Belle in QT as i have Nokia E7.


    what i have done so far is:
    Someone gave me a link in Nokia forums to download symbian_3_sdk_v1_0 (826 MB). i downloaded and installed it. it installed ok except it gave me error about JRE. the emulator loads and seems to work. but other than that there is only SDK documents in the QT which when i click i get arror. see pic 1 for what things i have installed, see pic 2 for what error i get when i click SDK documentation.

    so i couldnt see any gui for developement.

    so then i installed QT creator from the online qt-opensource-windows-x86-1.6.0-5-online. it installed QT creator (version 3.2.2) and i can open it. see pic 1 for what is installed under QT.

    so after installing all this the problem i have now is that i can not see symbian in supported devices as i have seen few tutorials online. so i suppose i need it to be listed in QT creator. see pic 3, pic 4, and pic 5.

    so how do i setup QT creator to develop symbian appsa? am i missing something to be installed or missing some config?

    I will really appritiate if someone can help me with it.

    Thanks Everyone

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I don't like to be the bearer of bad news but AFAIK, Symbian support has been dropped with Qt 5. However you can still try with the Qt 4 series. More informations "here": and

    Note that you would also need to use the version of Qt Creator provided by that Nokai Qt SDK

    If you would like to start developing for mobiles you should rather consider the actual platforms.

    Hope it helps

  • Many thanks for the reply
    Yes i understand that symbian has been dropped but i need it for personel use as i am still keeping symbian phone.

    i have visited the link and many links but everywhere i go i cant find downloads for symbian qt.

    can you or someone tell me what files i need to download to create apps for symbian, the exact names of the files. and really if also help me to find these files online.

    i know im prolly asking a hard question but i really appritiate if someone help me out as i have been trying to do it for months without any success.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    The link named "Get Qt SDK" under "Getting Started on Symbian" on the wiki page I gave you goes directly to the correct page on the Nokia site where you can download the complete SDK to start developing with Qt on Symbian.

  • Many thanks SGaist. Sorry i didnt followed you earlier.
    ok right now i am downloading QT SDK 1.2. its 1.7gb so will take one or two hours to finish.

    Please accept my appologies that im just very new to it and so ask basic questions.

    so after downloading this SDK 1.2, what else i need to download? i suppose you mentioned QT4? coz i suppose i need to download gui interface for development.

    thanks for your help

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Since you have to wait for the download to complete, take the time to read what's behind the links, e.g. the "SDK": documentation. You have the answer to that question there.

    Don't download anything else at this point.

  • Dear SGaist
    I think you are the best guy ever! i think what i was trying to do for months and no one else been able to guide, you have sorted it out for me. Many thanks.

    Ok here is what ive done so far.

    i downloaded the QT SDK 1.2 (1.7gb) from the link you suggested.
    i also went to the link you sent me for the documentation. but it said the page not found. so it then showed me the linbk to the recent docs which are i think for the latest QT that does not support symbian. it was about the QT creater that i have already oinstalled and can see symbian listed in supporting devices. so anyway i will try to sort it more later.

    ok then i installed the downloaded QT SDK. it installed ok. and to my surprise when i ran the QT creator installed by this SDK it opened up and showing Symbian anna in supporting devices, i ran few sample code in its simulator and it runs all good in the simulator. it can run in Nokia N8 simulator (N8 is symbian anna/belle).

    To me it looks all good!!!

    but obviously im so new to it and dont fully understand it all.

    so i have few questions

    1- is it all that i needed or is there any other things i need to download and install?

    2- if nothing else to download, then will i be able to develop some little app from this that would run on my symbian phone as app?

    i know i have to learn a long way to understand how to create app, and make it a final app for symbian phones. but i just want to know if ive got everything to do the development for symbian phone.

    So i will be really greateful if you can guide me more by giving me the answers to those questions.

    Many thanks again

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    1. You should be good to go with only that. You could try updating to the latest Qt 4 series version but currently it would be a bad idea since you don't have much experience yet.

    2. AFAIK, yes

  • Many thanks SGaist
    You really helped me out.
    yeh i will start work on QT. i develop assp and database and have good knowledge of vb and vba. but havent done anything in c for ages.
    so i guess ill have to do some learning here.
    i guess i will be posting here for help with QT when i get stuck.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    You're welcome !

    There's plenty of tutorials, examples and demos in Qt's documentation. Don't hesitate to search through it.

    By the way it's Qt, QT stands for Apple QuickTime.

    Since you have your system working now, please update the thread title prepending [solved] so other forum users may know a solution has been found :)

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