Qt Compatibily issue on Beagle Bone Black

  • I cross compiled the Qt-5.2 for Beagle Bone Black (BBB). The libraries are compiled perfectly and working great. But I am facing two different issues

    1. I m running Ubuntu on BBB and i also installed LXDE (Light Weight Desktop Environment) on BBB. When I am running Qt example or even my Applications. Nothing is appearing on the Screen. Instead I am getting an error

    bq. failed to set graphics mode inappropriate ioctl for device

    Can anyone tell, how i can Get rid of this problem.

    1. Then i installed everything on other BBB , except LXDE. Now i am using console on this BBB. When I am running the example or applications. They are executing perfectly. But my mouse cursor hangs and also my screen hangs then i need to run the BBB via SSH. Any hint about this problem?

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