Displaying data from object selected od QListWidget

  • I have a class T with some data and QString NAME. I keep T class objects in a QList<T>.
    First thing I want to do is to print all of the list items by its NAME using QListWidget and its function addItem (using foreach). I believe this solution is not that bad but problem is for my next goal:* I want to print (in other widget) some stored data for T object cliked on that QListWidget*. My first idea is to go through that QList<T> again (using foreach) and compare selected string (from QListWidget) with NAME string fetched one by one from QList<T>. I believe there's the right way because my sounds very bad!

    I have Qt version 4.8.5 and I'm not familiar with QListView etc.

  • Hi,

    I would use std::map instead of QList and use the find function

    map<NAME, T> mList;
    T t1, t2, t3;

    mList[t1.name()] = t1;
    mList[t2.name()] = t2;
    mList[t3.name()] = t3;

    // instead of t2.name() use the Name of the selecteditem.
    T listItem = mList.find(t2.name())->second;

    Hope that helps.

  • Ok thanks but why there is no pure Qt solution? I mean there's std::map used instead of QMap (I see there is no setName() in Qt)

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Since you didn't share any code, sw0ce used setName as a mean to update the name variable from your class T. It's nothing Qt specific. However you are right about QMap, it would make more sense.

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