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Creator: F1 opens help for wrong Qt version

  • I am still mostly working with Qt 4.8, but I have 5.3 installed for testing purposes.
    When I now press F1 on a symbol of my code, I usually get the 5.3 help, not the 4.8 one.

    • Is there a way to tell Creator to open the help corresponding to the Qt version used by the project settings?
    • Alternatively, is there a way to specify which help is opened by default?

  • check your paths (env vars)

  • Maybe I have been a bit unclear: I have both the help files for 5.3 and 4.8 available. So my paths seem to be all right.
    But I would prefer the help for 4.8 to open by default (or, even better, for whatever Qt version is currently set in the project to which the currently edited document belongs).

  • May be you need change your default kit in Tools > Options > Build & Run ->Kits

  • Thanks for the suggestion, but I already had 4.8.2 as default kit. I suspect Creator simply opens the newest help first.

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