[Solved] ColumnLayout - bottom to top?

  • Hi folks,

    is there a way to switch a ColumnLayout to BottomToTop-mode?

    Problem: All layouting is done top to bottom but I need it bottom to top.

    I found something like that in the ListView-class. Here it is called verticalLayoutDirection.
    How can I achieve this effect for the ColumnLayout?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards

  • Hmm, I don't see a solution in your answer. I want to use a ColumnLayout
    but instead of ordering the items


    I want this ordering


  • I know what you want and in RowLayout it works and i hoped it would do the same for ColumnLayout.
    OK, so simply added in the order you wish. If you want to have last item on top add the last item first :)

  • Ok,

    but the items will always "stick" on the top, what is correct for a top-down layout.

    But for a bottom-top layout the items should "stick" at the bottom.

  • OK, so use anchors and everything is fine. Stick the ColumnLayout to the bottom of it's parent.

  • Add [SOLVED] to your thread title.

  • Ok, I thought (or hoped) to find an easier solution like setting a flag or setting an option or something like this.....

    If you have both use-cases:

    • items pointing from north to south and
    • items pointing from south to north
      you have to handle both cases very different, what is not so elegant.

    And for the horizontal case I think there is a better solution for this (LayoutMirroring?!)

    But nevertheless thank you very much. I mark the thread solved.

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