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Full-stack team of it-professionals (Web, GameDev, Enterprise) is searching for a challenging project.

  • We are interested in financial or ecommerce projects, game and multimedia projects or even projects with some scientific background that require strong math or physics skills.

    We can do the full dev-cycle including sketch/prototype creation, defining system architecture, programming backend/frontend, developing design and other visuals and even end-customer support. So eventually we can do everything except sales/marketing for a vast range of IT projects.

    There are 7 people in our core team, but it can be extended. We are well educated, e.g. our system architect has MA in applied math from MIPT (kind of Russian MIT). Also we have a broad portfolio of completed projects in many different fields.

    We are intentionally focused on problem solving that’s why we are acquainted with almost any of the popular web technology or framework. Besides that we have strong fundamental algorithmic and math skills.
    We have implemented projects in PHP (Zend, Yii, CodeIgniter), Ruby (Rails), Python (Django, Flask). Summarizing all our past experience, I can also add some low level solutions (C++/DX/GL), middleware (C#, XNA) or even complex solutions like Torque3D, GoogleO3D.

    Just to mention some bells and whistles, we are using Git and SVN, we have configured and managed different DB types (SQL and noSQL ones). And we do speak English.

    For the time we have worked as a dedicated team and we already know each other very well. We will speak to you in human language, and you may not hear a single technical term when communicating on the project. On the other hand, if you need a deep technical support, we are at your service. Should I say more?

    Our average age is 28 and we are located in Kiev. We can think about relocation but we already have office here and an arranged lifestyle for productive work.

    Here some example projects we would like to do, just to be clear:

    1. Travel or ecommerce startup with lots of api handling, payment gateways, cumbersome algorithms
    2. Project focused on data visualization (possibly in 3D), with lots of calculations (BigData, distributed over network)
    3. High load projects
    4. Hardware related projects, we have experience in building circuit boards and microcontroller programming from our gambling machine projects. It would great to assemble a robot, anyway )
    5. ERP/CRM custom solution for a company with unusual business processes. Figuring out business requirements, interviewing people to create a product with great usability is also a great problem to solve.

    Alek Arbuzov, Team CTO
    AlekArbuzov - skype

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