Cannot open include file windows.h please help!

  • hi guys
    i have installed qt 5.3.2 64 bit for windows vs 2013 openGL and before that install microsot visual studio ultimate 2013 for that purpose. so after i go new file or project and setup my new project and run i got this error
    cannot open include file 'windows.h':no such file or directory.
    guys this is very important for me to solve this problem.
    where is windows.h to add its path to global variables?
    any help appreciated..

  • Did you configure the build kit ?

  • yeah every thing ok.
    i dont know what happen!
    for example if i open project from c:/users/myPc qt said cant find .pro file. if i open file from some drive qt said that cannot find glu32.lib.
    i receive prj from my friend and want to run that.
    i dont figure it out..

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    If you are using Qt Creator: Is there by any chance a .pro.user file that you also got with the project ? If so close Qt Creator, delete that file and reopen the project

    Hope it helps

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