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Right compiler for Qt and external libraries

  • Hi everyone,

    I am new to Qt and I have this huge problem that I have to solve. After spending days in trying to fix it I finally decide to ask in this forum.
    So I have this project to do and I need to work with Qt and two known libraries (Opencv and PCL, point cloud library). So I installed the last version of Qt (5.3.2) w/ MinGW32-etc and then I decided to download and try one library at a time, instead of all the libraries together.

    So I started with opencv, that I built with qt support and everything went fine (my qt+opencv test programs).
    Then I downloaded PCL and I discovered that (under windows) it needs msvc 2010.
    So I downloaded the microsoft sdk 7.1, hoping that in this way I was able to select the msvc 2010 compiler in the Qt build options: it doesn't work because there is no qt version able to compile for the selected compiler.

    So does this mean that I have to download the msvc 2010 version of Qt?
    Will the opencv libraries compiled with mingw still work?
    Now that I have installed the Microsoft SDK 7.1, do I have the right compiler (msvc2010) for using PCL with Qt?

    Thank you very much for you answers.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Short answer: build everything with the same compiler.

    So yes, you have to download the VS2010 version of Qt

    AFAIK, OpenCV builds without any problem with VS2010. Mixing libraries from different compilers is a bad idea since most of them are not compatible one with the other.

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