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Numeric keypad doesn't work

  • Hi there and thx for reading and answering this post.

    As you know, you can create QAction with shortcuts.

    auto xy = new QAction("blah blah");

    you can of course activate xy by pressing the + key on the main keyboard, but it doesn't work with the + key from the numeric keypad, nor do the - * / and the digit work.

    Is it a bug ?

    Ah, and I forgot to mention that the + for the numeric keypad works with a QLineEdit and any other text tool with or without qt.

  • Hey!

    I am afraid that at the moment that doesn't seem to be possible. By the way, there is already an opened issue on On the other hand it's attached to an inactive Nokia identity, so you should re-open a duplicate for this thing in case if you are interested.

    Hope I helped you at least a little.

  • ok, so...

  • Well, numpad works for input classes cos they basically do override keyReleaseEvent, which is sensible to numbpad keys. In case of QAction it's not a case.

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    Voting the feature request is the right thing to do, the Assignee is the one who got the task and in this case it's an active developer. The reporter is the one who opened it,

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