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Qt Everywhere 5.3.2 embedded LCD 480x272 and system dialogs

  • I'm running the examples on a beaglebone black under Debian 7.6 kernel 3.14 with ti SGX graphics.
    When running the Qt examples, the system dialogs for choosing files and such are much bigger than the LCD screen.
    Since I am running EGLFS, I get one main window. I don't get a virtual window that can scroll.
    Parts of the dialog are off-screen and impossible to get to.
    Tab will move the focus off screen, but the display doesn't scroll to make it visible.
    Is there a way to tell Qt the screen extents to make it render the system dialogs to fit the LCD window extents?
    Are these environment variables or compile time variables?
    Do they make a difference for EGLFS, since it is basically non-windowed?
    Or a way to tell Qt to display the main window as a viewport that can scroll / pan to the off-screen elements?

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