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Position of the close button on a tab page

  • I have a custom QTabWidget that shows several static tabs, and can contains removable tabs.
    To make tabs closable:

    @setTabsClosable( true );@

    To disable close button for particular tabs:

    @tabs->tabBar()->setTabButton( 0, QTabBar::LeftSide, nullptr );@

    This method is correct for Mac, but not for Linux (Windows don't test yet).

    In the docs says:

    When tabsClosable is set to true a close button will appear on the tab on either the left or right hand side depending upon the style.

    But I don't found in docs where exactly will be placed close button according to style (platform).

    Is there a such description?

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    No there's not. If you take for example Linux, more specifically KDE, you have several themes at disposition and these can change the position of the button as they see fit.

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