QStatusBar - replacing widgets from bar

  • Hi,
    I have status bar where I want to have three fields to placing there widgets.
    To have there that fields I can do that:

    QLabel labelOne("");
    QLabel labelTwo("");
    QLabel labelThree("");

    statusBar->insertWidget(0, labelOne, 1); //QStatusBar* statusBar;
    statusBar->insertWidget(1, labelTwo, 1);
    statusBar->insertWidget(2, labelThree, 1);

    I want to have function that replace one of the labels with other widget.
    Is there any possibility to do this without using pointers to that labels.
    I know that I can do this in that way:

    void setWidgetToBar(QWidget* widget, int index)
    case 0:
    case 1:
    case 2:
    ui.statusBar->insertWidget(index, widget, 1);

    But problem is that I don't have only one status bar. Having pointers to all of these labels from all status bars seems to be not good idea. Unless I will create a list of that labels. Is it a good idea or maybe there is any other way to do this?

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    well, maybe you could
    statusBar->removeWidget(static_cast<QWidget *>(statusBar->children()[0]));
    That is not pretty and would hide any widget at index zero, regardless if it was the label or not.

    I have not testet it. just from looking at the source.

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    If you have several similar status bars you should rather create a subclass where you handle this. And currently yes, there's not simple way to access a widget from the status bar itself.

    However, never use a static_cast with QObject derived class, use qobject_cast and always verify that the pointer returned is not null.

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