Form file (.ui) Open in new window can only show as XML ?

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    I would love to have the design area in a free window(new)
    so I can move it to my second monitor.

    However, if I open the ui file and then select New Window it is shown as xml.

    It does have the "Switch Mode" button but nothing happens when clicked.

    Is there a way to allow this to work ?

    Thank you.

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    oh spam was fast removed :)

  • not really. what you can do though is open another instance of Creator and use that instance only for designing your UI

    alternatively, you can also use the separate "Designer" application that comes with the Qt package, but that one is not integrated with the C++ editor (e.g. you don't have the "go to slot..." menu item on objects, etc)

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    oh. its not supported.
    Having 2 qt designer could work. Good tip. Clumsy but could work.

    separate “Designer” application
    Hmm on windows I see only the "Creator" app.

    thank you

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