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Qt native file dialog not translated.

  • Hello all, I googled around for this problem but still not succeed with a) use qt nataive translation file (qt_zh_CN.qm) and b) use QFileDialog::DontUseNativeDialog. Other parts of my application are translated well. Please advise.

    File dialog part:
    QString result;

    QFileDialog *fileDialog = new QFileDialog(this, QString(tr(M_00B_BROWSE)));
    fileDialog->setOption(QFileDialog::DontUseNativeDialog, true);
    int ret = fileDialog->exec();
    if(ret == QDialog::Accepted) {
        result = QDir::toNativeSeparators(fileDialog->selectedFiles()[0]);
    delete fileDialog;
    return result;


    Load translation part:
    QString filter = "??.qm";
    QDir::Filters filters = QDir::Files | QDir::Readable;
    QDir::SortFlags sort = QDir::Name;
    QFileInfoList entries = dir.entryInfoList(
    QStringList() << filter, filters, sort);

    /* qt_zh_CN.qm was copied from $QT_DIR/translations */
    QFileInfo info = QFileInfo("C:/Users/User/Desktop/Virgo/qt_zh_CN.qm");
    QTranslator qtTranslator;
    if(qtTranslator.load(info.absoluteFilePath()) == false) {
    foreach (QFileInfo file, entries) {
        /* construct and load translator */
        QTranslator *translator = new QTranslator(instance());
        if (translator->load(file.absoluteFilePath())) {
            translators.insert(file.baseName(), translator);


  • Hi and welcome to devnet.

    You should not .qm file from Qt/translation folder.
    it will not translate any specific string inside tr();
    You should use make your own application specific .ts as well as .qm
    file by using Qt linguist tool.then you will see the changes.
    Hope this helps.

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