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QML Weather App example fails on Qt5.3.2 iOS8: "qtquickcontrolsplugin" not found

  • I installed Qt5.3.2 using the binary installer. Using Creator or Xcode, the Qt example Weather App fails with the described message at runtime (actually in Creator, it quietly doesn't run, using Xcode on the created xcodeproj you get the error message.) (I have compiled a QWidget app for iOS before, now I am converting to QML to get the benefit of its conformance to iOS style.)

    I understand that the plugins are statically compiled. I see the qtquick2plugin in Xcode's list of linked libraries and it resolves to ../../../../5.3/ios/qml/QtQuick.2/libqtquick2plugin$(QT_LIBRARY_SUFFIX).a. But I don't see a similarly named ...quickcontrolsplugin.a in the list, and I don't see such a file in the Qt directory.

    Why there is not an error at link time, that is why is Qt trying to load a statically compiled plugin? (Isn't that error from Qt at runtime?)

    If it is a statically compiled plugin, why can't I find it in the Qt directories?

  • My problem was on iosSimulator. I switched to a real iOS device and it works better, from QtCreator. Now I don't understand why Creator is not creating an xcodeproj so that I can use Xcode to see which plugins are linked in.

    Also I find that the latest Weather App requires Qt5.4 (uses Accessible.ignore which was introduced in 5.4, but I commented those changes out.)

    In general I find Quick very fragile: very sensitive to small changes in Qt versions or in your qml. I suppose because Quick is still evolving, and I'm just learning.

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