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What does the qt5 installer do and how does it make itself known in the system

  • Hi.

    I'm trying to figure out what the qt installer do (qt*.run file).

    My system is Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit and the qt version is 5.3.2

    During installation I chose a directory to install files to so I'm aware that files are there but how does the installer make the lib and include paths known to the system?
    I didn't find anything in /etc/ folder and to my knowledge the qt install path is not in my system path variable, but still cmake's find_package seems to work fine and build projects also correctly depend on libqt*.so files located in my qt install path (used ldd for shared library dependency discovery).

    I'm interested to know about this both for better understanding of qt and for better handling multiple installs of qt.

    Note the there might be something about linux's, gcc's or cmake's way of handling *.so, include directories or *.cmake files that I have missed.

    Hope that someone can enlighten me on the subject.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The installer doesn't modify your system (except installing Qt and Qt Creator)
    It will configure Qt Creator to add the Qt you installed through it. Qt Creator also searches standard paths for distribution installed Qt.

    For "the how can it work then ?", again, it's Qt Creator's doing. When you are using Qt Creator, you tell it which version of Qt you want to use, with that it prepares a "sandboxed" environment with proper paths set (look at the Project panel both build and run part)

    Hope it helps

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