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Deploying Qt app: compiling fine with win7 64bit but app does not run on win7 32bit

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    I am developping my Qt application on a win7 64 bit system with Qt 4.8.6 vs2010 set up and my application is compiling and building fine on my application .When I try to run it on a system without Qt installed ,it simply crashes with the "* ....exe has stopped working ,windows is checking for errors" *error .

    I have been deploying my Qt applications fine before and the deployment doc: has usually worked for me . (providing Qt dlls and msvc runtime dlls in the directory of my application) .I just came across this question : and realized the system I am working on has winn7 64 bit installed could this be the reason my generated executable is not running on my test win7 32bit machine?

    I have seen that there is one download file for Qt 4.8.6 msvs 2010 installer and they make distinction between 32 and 64 bit for later versions of msvc and there is no way to know if my Qt libs target 32bit or 64bit .So here is my question :Do I need to compile on a 32bit win7 machine so my app runs both on win7 32bit and 64 bit?

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    Not at all, you can build for both with a 64bit system. You can use e.g. Dependency Walker to ensure what version of dlls you have.

    AFAIK, the Qt 4.8.6 download should be for x86 so 32bit

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