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QT 5 and ELDK for Armv7a

  • Hi,
    I've been working with a pre-configured machine running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with Qt 4.8.2, ELDK 5.2.1 for Armv7a and Qt Creator 2.x.x, however some of the "modules"* such as phonon don't seem to be installed which in terms turns to be a pain due to the type of app I'm trying to come up with.
    Also, almost getting myself into a desperate state, I decided to pick up another hard drive, install Linux 14.04 32b, Qt (following 32b Online Installer) and the latest version of ELDK which I think is 5.5. Well... Problems! The "form" designer is very basic compared to the one I use to have, basically I can't compile a thing, and trying to come up with the correct paths for compiler, debugger and qmake (I think...) I always end up in a dead end or trying to sort out Qt errors.
    Do note that I have not installed anything else.
    So, basically I'm asking for help either installing what is missing in the first set or else putting together something that works with the latest versions.
    Any ideas?

      • please forgive me if I say something wrong but this is my first attempt to create an embedded linux app thus I don't know some of the names, locations, how-to's, etc.

  • Just to add something else to this: If there is a way producing an Embbeded Linux app (which will be later transfered to my embbeded linux machine) on a Windows machine with the typical windows installation method, that would be wonderful.
    Does anyone know of anything?

  • Maybe i am wrong but if i understand you correctly you installed Qt via the standard online installer and you want to write applications for your arm machine.

    Are you aware of the fact that the download provides you with a Qt for x86 machines while you need libraries for an ARM architecture?

    Usually you can download the Qt source and compile it by yourself using an ARM -Compiler. The compilation should take place on your host machine because compiling Qt (incl. modules) on arm could take days.

  • Hence the reason for the ELDK.
    Should I use another thing apart from the online installer? Or shall I only change the location for compiler, debugger, etc?

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