Upload 2 files to a single object

  • I'm trying to upload 2 files using C++ to a single object with Enginio. I can upload/download a single file properly but when uploading a 2nd file to an existing object I'm getting the error:
    "reason":"ValidationFailed","message":"is required on multipart post","property":"file"

    I'm uploading the 2nd file to an existing object using a new property name as indicated in the instructions for EnginioClient::downloadUrl. Are there definite guidelines for the uploading of several files to a single object because it's not not clear exactly how this should be done?

  • I suspect it's not possible with the current API since it will always try to use "file" as property. Please file a bug under bugreports.qt-project.org.

  • Thanks for responding. It looks like you're right but I was able to upload 2 files to one object one time using a separate Property Name that I assigned, but I haven't been able to duplicate this since.

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