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[SOLVED] Update GUI after gettings network result from second class.

  • i have Widget class and another class called QHashCracker.
    Hash cracking class uses QNetworkAccessManager to get a result from the internet in Json format and parse it and set the result to class member called reply (of type QString)
    HashCracker have a slot called
    that is connected to
    signal from QNetworkAccessManager.
    and a downloadData() function that connects signals and slots and set QNetworkRequest to the manager.
    now after i created a QHashCracker object in the Widget class and run downloadData() in a QPushButton click slot.
    this should download the data, parse Json and set the value i need to "reply" member. but after that i want to set the result to QLineEdit in the ui.
    here is the problem
    network operations needs some time, i tried QTest::qSleep(2000) to pause program execution after downloadData() runs, then show the result in QLineEdit

    some code:

    downloadData function in QHashCracker class:
    void QHashCracker::downloadData()
    manager = new QNetworkAccessManager(this);

    replyFinished slot in QHashCracker class:
    void QHashCracker::replyFinished(QNetworkReply *reply)
    //qDebug() << reply->readAll();
    QJsonDocument replyDocument = QJsonDocument::fromJson(reply->readAll());
    QJsonObject DocumentObj = replyDocument.object();
    QJsonValue ParsingValue = DocumentObj.value("parsed");
    this->reply = ParsingValue.toString();
    qDebug() << this->reply;

    on_crack_pushButton_clicked() function in Widget class:
    void Widget::on_crack_pushButton_clicked()
    hashCracker = new QHashCracker(ui->md5crack_lineEdit->text());

    i hope this is clear.

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    There are couple of ways to do it.
    The best way would be to emit a signal with the output data from QHashCracker::replyFinished function which is connected to a slot in
    Widget class. And in this slot you receive the output data and set it to the lineedit.

  • thank you a lot
    it's working :)

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