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Digia "hate mail" forum post notifications

  • I've lately been receiving a lot of notifications again about posts on threads that I'm subscribed to, all of which have roughly the same content from somebody who obviously feels severely wronged (I'm sure you know what I am referring to).

    These posts are obviously deleted basically immediately, but I was wondering if there is a way to eliminate the notifications as well?

    The reason for my request is that, obviously once you've been notified of a new post in a thread, you don't receive another notification until you've visited that thread again, but visiting the thread is tricky since clicking on the notification link leads you to the

    The following errors were encountered
    The specified thread does not exist


    The only solution I have to find these threads again is naturally to expressly search for the thread title mentioned in the notification email, which I personally find to be a bit of a pain.

    So perhaps we can reset whatever notification flag is set whenever a reply is deleted so that the next reply triggers the notification event again?

  • Moderators

    We'll need to notify Tero Kojo about that, he is maintaining the Qt Project wesite.

    Apologies for the spammer, we (moderators) are doing our best to remove his posts (every account he creates is being banned + posts deleted as soon as we spot it), but he keeps coming back with his insulting rants.

  • No problem Sierdzio, I absolutely get it (not much else to be done), just thought I'd make a suggestion :)

  • Probably the best would be to have some grace time until posts of new accounts will trigger notifications. A days or so seem to be plenty, when those accounts are removed quickly by moderators anyhow.

    I am wondering already for some time why this is not being implemented. Probably is the implementation not as easy as being the suggestion.

    Certainly the grace period requires to be triggered by the first post not the sign-up date, which will make the implementation even harder. Otherwise it would be too easy to get around.

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