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Qt architecture and modules diagram?

  • I am updating Qt page on wikipedia:

    and I need help on writing several sections of the now restructured article. I need documentation on architecture of Qt. I found these diagrams: [url=]First[/url] - [url=]second[/url] which are old, and this: [url=]third[/url] that is only describing Qt Enterprise Embedded.

    Any suggestions for a new diagram? What is the license for these pictures that all come from Qt website?

  • We recently created a comprehensive guide about Qt/QML for mobile app development. It includes the basic architecture, explains QML, the Qt Quick Compiler, Model / Views and much more.

    The main topic of the guide is to highlight the power of QML and how to structure apps that are more and more QML-driven:


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    @GTDev Your link is about architecting models, while the OP is asking about the organisation of Qt modules.

    This link is closer to what the OP is asking for: (although it is outdated)

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