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Font substitution in WinCE

  • Hi,

    Does anyone know if font substitutions work in WindowsCE? I'm using Qt 4.6.2 and the subs work on Windows, but don't seem to be working in WinCE5. Any ideas?


  • Hi Steve,

    No idea about WinCE and fonts but my personal experience with Windows Mobile and Qt shows that not all thing work fine :(

    Best regards,

  • It depends on the installed fonts.
    In WinCE, when you build the NK.bin system image (CE kernel, drivers, services, default apps, etc. loaded at sysem boot) you can select the fonts you want to include as installed by default; if the installed fonts are different or the configuration file with the substituition rules are different, you get a different substitution.
    By the way, with Qt you can also load custom fonts (i.e. not in windows/fonts) just for your application to bypass system font substitution using QFontDatabase::addApplicationFont.

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