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Qt w/o Creator

  • I would like to use the Qt toolkit library, without the RAD, in my VSExpress2013, is this possible? is there a tutorial about it?

  • Yes, definitely, you'll just have to link to the Qt libraries and #include the necessary headers wherever you need them (I'm sure you'll find a tutorial somewhere if you don't know how to link libs in C++).

    PS. I'm curious, but what does RAD stand for? :)

  • Rapid Application Development, which is the Qt Creator application in the case of Qt.
    I wonder, is there a tutorial somewhere that you might know of?

  • No, sorry mate, you'll have to search around a bit.

    Ah, I think you have your terms mixed up, Qt Creator is an IDE, RAD is a development process (which is why I struggled to make sense of the abbreviation in your initial post :) )

  • There are plugins for VS, but nor for VS Express I think. Still, qmake can generate VS solutions as well. Note that you can also use the VS compiler from within Creator, if that is what you are after.

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    To add to Andre, the plugins are for VS in general, however the Express Edition is offered with the that feature disabled so it can't be used (VS-Addin or any other plugin for that matter).

  • [quote author="ArbolOne" date="1413515605"]I would like to use the Qt toolkit library, without the RAD, in my VSExpress2013, is this possible?[/quote]

    Yes, of course. We don't use QtCreator at all, just express edition of VisualStudio(2005 to 2013) and of course XCode(3.5 to 6). You can use Qt libraries/framework exactly the same way you use any other library. Of course for moc, uic, rcc you need to create custom build tools on both VC and XCode. Check documentation for moc/uic/rcc for calling them from command line
    For example:
    "moc command line":

    For creating custom build tools there are a lot of tutorials on the web ...

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