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Qt ugly font on Hyper-V machine

  • I encountered some strange behavior of my Qt application:
    It looks OK on a real OS, but text in all widgets looks ugly on virtual Hyper-V machine (Windows 7).
    When I enlarged the screenshot, I saw that the text is ether not antialiased at all (QToolbar) or antialiased the strange way (other widgets)

    I tried:
    @ QFont f = app->font();
    app->setFont( f );

    The font became better looking, but it no longer looked native on all machines (physical and virtual).

    And the strangest thing:
    @ app->setFont(app->font() );

    Produces the same effect.

  • If I connect to virtual machine using RDP everything is fine.

    I guess the problem may be in Hyper-V video driver, but I wonder why it affects only my Qt App and does not affect other programs. Does Qt uses some unique API to draw text?

  • how about you also play around with font hinting and see how it affects your app on the virtual Hyper-V machine...

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