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QtQuick FontMetrics, Qt-5.4

  • Hey.

    Documentation states, that Qt-5.4 has Fontmetrics to use in qml:

    I checked out 5.4 from gitorious using git. Compiled it and there indeed is qquickfontmetrics.cpp source file: src/quick/util/qquickfontmetrics.cpp

    My problem is, that in qml side, it is not recognised. I beleave QQuickFontMetrics should be stated in qml/QtQuick.2/plugins.qmltypes (install directory) the same way as eg. QQuickFontLoader is.

    1. Is this a bug?
    2. Is FontMetrics going to be used somehow different?
    3. Is FontMetrics just not usable atm?

    Thank you.

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    This question would be more suited for the interest mailings list. You'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers. This forum is more user oriented

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