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  • Hi,

    I have started to work on my own to create a Cute App Launcher, which I can then use with "pure QML" apps. At the moment there are plugins for using following classes with QML:

    • CuteFile, which wraps the QFile for QML use
    • CuteFileInfo, which wraps the QFileInfo for QML use
    • CuteDir, which wraps the QDir for QML use
    • CuteFileSystemWatcher, which wraps the QFileSystemWatcher for QML use
    • CuteSaveFile, which wraps the QSaveFile for QML use
    • CuteTemporaryFile, which wraps the QTemporaryFile for QML use
    • CutePluginLoader, which enabled plugin loading from QML
    • CuteUnits, which provides Device Independent Pixels
    • CuteDevice, which provides some device info
    • CuteIconProvider, which provides platform specific icons for example image://icons/user-desktop will render the desktop icon or if there is a resource for :/icons/[name]-[width]x[height].png then it will use that one.
    • CuteMime, which provides a function CuteMime.get_mime_type(fileName) which returns
    • CuteMimeType, which exposes QMimeType for QML use
    • CuteProcess, which exposes QProcess for QML use
    • CuteSslSocket, which exposes QSslSocket for QML use

    There is also a Python script which is used to generate C++ code for QML integration from JSON.

    I will be active on this for few days at least and there will be some other topics coming, such as:

    • JSON-RPC
    • Notifications
    • Sockets

    And I have started to work on two application demos which will use the Cute App Launcher:

    And there is included an App Menu plugin for browsing and launching the apps.

    If you are interested, the code is licensed under LGPLv3 and it is available here

    P.S I wanted to post this project to you, so that if you have any comments, you can give them while I am active on this. You might want to wait for a week or so, until you start to use the code. As for now everything is untested, and it is changing on daily basis.

    "Juhapekka Piiroinen":

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    Looks nice so far. Good luck!

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