GUI with QT4 on BBB(Beagle​bone) running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS armv7-bone30

  • Hi there,
    I am new to QT and Linux I would like to add a GUI to a beaglebone project I have created, so some of the features can also be controled manually through push buttons. I have correctly installed QT4 on my Ubuntu VM and I can deploy the code directly from QT4 to my BBB, everything run and the executable is deployed to the target directly on /home/ubuntu/qtsamples but when I execute the file it does not produce any effect. Sometimes I get an error "can not execute binary file"

    I think i know where the problem is, I have configure QT4 to use arm toolchain and also arm compiler but in fact my BBB is running UBUNTU from an SDK Card, I am not using the eMMC memory at all. So I think I have to change the compiler and the debugger configuration on the KITS Management in QT. The question is I am not sure what compiler should I use for Ubuntu running on BBB. My BBB is running under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS armv7 bone 30. How can I find the compiler for QT4 on this configuration.

    Any help or hint is very much appreciated,

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