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Video playing from SD Card

  • Hi,
    I’m currently developing an application that needs to play video that is stored on a SD Card.
    The embedded computer that I’m using is the DX-4 from AndersDX (check this "link":
    Any ideas how to do this? Sorry for the question but I just don't know where to start from.
    Thanks in advance.

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    It depends on the technology you will use however, in any case, have a look at the Qt Multimedia documentation.

  • I'll have a go.
    What I want is just to play any kind of video file (from AVI to MP4, etc etc)

  • I'M LOST!!!!!!
    Does anybody know of a simple function that I can associate with a button and once I press that button it plays a file such as /home/user/video.avi (or mp4)?
    I'm struggling with time... Help!!!!

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    Something like "this": ? Does a bit too much for what you want but should get you started

  • I have to agree with you it's a 'bit' too much...
    Let me explain where I'm at right now with my application.

    I'm developing a fancy doorbell for which I'd like to have this virtual doorman, i.e., imagine that the only person in the house is in busy and should be ok to open the door in a couple of minutes, the doorman would appear in the screen (video playing) greeting whoever is at the door and asking to wait a couple of minutes while he's 'trying to contact' the person in the house.
    I've already done everything from the virtual door knob on the DX4 to the electronic circuit that controls the door lock, as well as the video with the doorman.
    What I want now is to play the video as soon as somebody hits the button.

    BTW there is another thread of mine regarding interrupt handling, that would be for the person to open the door from inside.

    Thanks in advance not only for your help and support but also for your patience.

  • Hi again,
    I've made everything but the video.
    Is there a tutorial, on a step-by-step basis, that can show/teach me one of these solutions?

    • A modal window with the video in it and a Cancel button in case I want to stop it and get back into the parent window.
    • Similar to the previous one but a separate application that I can call from the main one.
    • Ideal one would be a full screen video playing and when the video finishes it just closes itself and the main window is just behind it.
      I've tried but step-by-step tutorials don't seem to exist...
      Any ideas where to find this?

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    Something's not clear, do you want to use a single application with multiple windows or several applications ?

  • Either way, which ever is easier or faster.
    Right now I can't afford to look on the aesthetics. :)
    Once again thanks for your patience.

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    Then you should just go with the MediaPlayer element and build from there using e.g. a Stack

  • Can you help me with that? Where should I go first?
    Is this a case of drag and drop and edit some properties?
    Is this just code typing? Do I need to add something to the user interface?

    I'll try to simplify even more what I want...
    I need a button on the main window that once clicked calls either a full screen playing video or (perhaps better) a child window with the video playing in it with only a 'close' button to return to the main one.

    Let me take this opportunity to ask a question which as been quite difficult to find an answer for: which types of video can I play with MediaPlayer?

    Sorry but this is really the first time for me with Qt...
    And if we're talking about Qt with ELDK at the same time... That's even worse...

  • hi,
    Copy the video from the SD card to the local hard drive and check if you can play the video.

    Please check the link below to see how to post questions in forum.

    Post back with the status.

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    It depends if you are writing the QML by hand or using the qml designer.

    The video format supported will depend on the backend, so if's linux, it should be what gstreamer supports.

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