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How: QT4 Application on QVGA screen with multiple pages?

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm currently making my way into QT and have already written a few small Desktop applications.
    However, I'm stuck with my current project:

    I have a raspberry Pi that has a QVGA screen attached to it.
    There's not much space for a toolbar or something, so I want to use the whole screen for my widgets.

    An example:

    1 Page: Mainscreen
    This widget has one button ("Load File")

    2 Page: Load File
    This screen is supposed to look for a USB drive.
    While it does so, it shall show a message telling the user that it is currently searching for the USB drive and giving him the chance to Cancel and return to the main screen.
    Once the USB drive has been found, there shall be a QListView that has all the files from the USB drive in it.
    Again, there's a cancel button that takes the user back to the mainscreen and a "Select" button that performs some actions to the file...

    How would I structure such an application?
    What kind of widgets do I use for the Mainscreen and the messages beeing displayed?

    Is QStackedWidget the way to go or would I simply create a few QDialogs and display them by calling showFullscreen?

    I'd so appreciate a hint that points me into the right direction of how to implement a fullscreen multipage application.

    Thanks a lot in advance,


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Sounds almost like you are preparing a variant of QWizard.

    If this one doesn't fit, a QStackedWidget combined with a QStateMachine could also do the job pretty well.

    QStateMachine is not mandatory, however it might help structure your application.

    Hope it helps

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