SOLVED - QSound vs Phonon - (QSoundEffect win)

  • Hi,

    I'm currently using QSound::play() to play various .wav sounds.
    I am considering switching to Phonon::AudioOutput to get more utilities.

    For example, some users would like to be able to modify the volume at which the sounds are played, I haven't found a function for that with QSound.

    I think this would be possible with Phonon.
    But first, some question for you guys that used it:
    -Is it easy to integrate Phonon? (i.e : just include and use it?)
    -Is it really cross-platform? My app need to run on Windows and Mac without too much extra code and compile shenanigan :)
    -Will AudioOutput::setVolume ( qreal newVolume ) set the volume for the whole OS or just the sounds played with Phonon?

    Thank you!

  • Nevermind, just read this for Qt 5.3 :
    Phonon framework is no longer part of Qt, but it continues to be maintained by the Phonon developers and has support for Qt 5. See _

    I'm using 5.2.1, so i'll stick to QSound, maybe I can find a way to control volume.
    Checking the new class "QAudioOutput" at the moment..

  • Just found out about another class that does this :
    This one seems to be the one I'm looking for.

    Sometime Qt has too much stuff that does the same thing lol!

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    The use cases are not completely the same ;)

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