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OpenGL + SceneGraph and error with textures

  • Hey, guys. I 'm trying to use openGl with qt according to examples. I took the example "Scene Graph - Rendering FBOs in a thread " and changed it for using with textures. I create 3 rectangles and set 3 different textures to this objects. I use QOpenGLTexture objects for textures and upload 20 different textures in this objects. Texture of each object changes every 30 frames. After 12 cycles of texture changing, textures do not change anymore. I got this bug only on Mac OS X 10.9.5. At Windows or Linux this app works perfectly.
    I found the dependence of this bug's behaviour from amount of items in QML file. The fewer items, the more textures are able to change before the appearance of the error. When this bug appear, glGetErrors returns 1280 or 1282 error codes. I can't repeat this error in small part of code, so i placed minimal project in GitHub.
    "Repo with project":https://github.com/AndreiLetyushov/bugs/tree/QOpenGLTexture_error/bugs-finder-project

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Which version of Qt/Xcode are you using ?

    On 10.8.5 it's working well

  • XCode - Version 6.0.1 (6A317)
    Qt - 5.3.2 and 5.4(beta)

    I decided to specify what is the wrong behaviour of app.
    Good behaviour:
    3 rectangles with different sizes are placed at screen. Textures with numbers are being changed from 1 to 20, and this is repeating endlessly.

    Bad behaviour:
    The same 3 rectangles are placed at screen. But textures with numbers are being changed from 1 to 12, and after that we see just blue screen without textures with numbers. We see blue screen during the textures should are changed from 13 to 20. After that the process repeat again from texture with number 1.

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    Ok, with that additional explanation, there's indeed a problem also on 10.8.5

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