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QJsonDocument needs a hybrid format for big arrays.

  • The two basic formats give you either a grossly long document where you can't easily see what the name of the value you're looking at is, or where it'd fall in the overall array... or some compact mess that isn't readable either.

    What is needed is a format that looks like:
    "NameForList": [ a, b, c, d, e],
    "NameForArray": [[ a, b, c, d, e]
    ,[ f, g, h, i, j]
    ,[ k, l, m, n, o]],

    (where of course, these things are neatly aligned in monospace)

    I am going to attempt to add this as patch this locally, I'd be willing to submit it as an open patch to the project more broadly (but I haven't any experience doing that)

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You can follow the gerrit introduction wiki entry to know how to submit a patch to Qt

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