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User journaling/recording of QT 5.3 C++ desktop application?

  • It is a requirement of our upcoming CAE application that the user be able to record his "session" for later playback. This is very typical of a CAE application so that a complex series of steps can be replayed to have reproducibility or document the steps to get to an end result. Often called journaling.

    Squish and other test development tools can do this "externally" ( by , I assume , code injection) but we need to make this an integral part of our application.

    Seems like all the pieces are there, but I don't see it put together anywhere...

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You could make use of Qt's Logging Categories for that. Create a particular category that logs what you need and then a parser that can analyze and replay it.

    Hope it helps

  • Ok, I think that helps...not quite clear on how it can be used to capture GUI activity, as the example shows low level USB filtering.

    I think a scriptable AND recordable UI is pretty much a required feature of any desktop app these days.

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    Not necessarily, would script and record a media player application ?

    Anyway, sounds like you could take inspiration of the QUndo framework

  • Ah, yes, good point, the QUndo framework is an overlapping requirement.

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